Where to Play and Learn Keno

Keno Terminology

When entering keno casino and keno lounges do not forget to study your keno lingo. Understanding the different terms will go a long way to ensuring your success.

combination ticket – a ticket that combines different types of tickets into one

conditioning – a players marked choices, usually along the top of the ticket shows the number of spots played, number of games and the price

ticket – where a player marks their choices

catch – the number of the player’s chosen numbers that match what the casino has drawn

keno runner/writer – a casino employee at a land-based casino that helps players check and post their tickets and also helps to bring in new players

split ticket – a ticket marked with two or more groups of chosen numbers, then split the ticket by drawing a line separating the numbers into to groups. It is two games on a single ticket

straight ticket – a single ticket with up to 15 X marks on chosen numbers

way ticket – a ticket marked with two or more groups of chosen numbers with these groups of numbers circled. For example [4,5,6] and [26,27,28] and [69,70,71] – if any of one number in the group hits, you’re given credit

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