Where to Play and Learn Keno

Keno System

Due to the fact that the outcome of the game depends entirely on luck, there are not really any strategies, systems or betting styles a player might follow to guarantee a win in any particular Keno game. The following suggested practices, however, may assist a player to enhance his experience.

The player should always select a casino, or online game where he is clearly offered the best odds, best payouts and best playing conditions.

  • The player should note the posted minimum and maximum permissible bets.
  • The player should aim to keep most of his wagers small.
  • The player should avoid the more complex Keno tickets like ways, combinations, king numbers etc. All types of tickets are subject to the same win/lose percentages.
  • The player should avoid the urge to recoup losses by increasing the size and complexity of his bets.
  • The player should set a limit on the amount he is prepared to lose, and train himself to walk whenever he is experiencing a losing streak.

Keno Strategy

When it comes to Keno, most people will tell you that there’s no strategy inolved in the game at all and it’s purely down to luck whether you win or lose.

To a certain extent they’re correct. With the balls being drawn totally at random, there is very little that a player can do to influence which balls are called or whether those numbers are on their playing card.

However, here at Casino Keno we believe that there’s a way to gain an edge over every game in the casino … and while it was a lot harder to come up with a Keno strategy, we think we’ve found something which should help all our players. It can be summed up in one sentence: “Play small and often.”

The reasoning behind this strategy is that when you purchase a large number of tickets, you stand a smaller chance of winning. Sure the prizes, are hugely tempting but the odds of you matching the numbers that you need to win these prizes are much longer than if you were to play small.

For example, if you buy seven to ten numbers, you’ll often only need to hit three numbers to win a cash prize. That means at most, you’re only being asked to hit 30% of your numbers (3 numbers out of 10).

Compare that to those players who buy 15 tickets going for the big prize. In order to take down the cash, they’re going to need to match around 10 or 11. Suddenly the percentage of their card that they need to complete jumps up to 60% (10 out 15 numbers).

That’s a whole lot harder to do and gives the casino a much higher edge over the player. By keeping the house edge to a minimum and only playing for smaller cash prizes, you give yourself a much better chance of generating a profit.

Now, we all know that Keno isn’t all about the profit – it’s about the fun too … and there’s no fun in ignoring the big cash prizes all together. After all, we’ve all heard about the huge life-changing sums of money that have been paid out to Keno players over the years, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

So we’re not saying ignore the big prizes all together. Instead, we’re saying to spend the vast majority of your time playing mid-range Keno (between 7-10 numbers) and every now and again (perhaps when you’ve built up a bit of a bankroll!) have a go at the larger games.

To hit the jackpot, you’ll generally need to match all 15 numbers on your card so the odds are pretty long … but that’s why the payouts stretch into the millions!

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