Where to Play and Learn Keno

Do you enjoy playing Keno ? If so you now have the opportunity to play keno online. We love spending time winning money playing like keno and decided to write a quality review of keno and how you can win. Some of the largest payouts happen from playing keno and is an all time American gambling game!

Where to play keno online

You can play keno online at pure Vegas casino or cherry red casino. Both online casinos offer a large variety of casino games, slot machines, and of course keno. One great reason we really enjoy promoting them is based on the fact you will receive a casino signup bonus for joining them. Both Casinos are very competitive and offer fast and efficient payouts.  A benefit of playing keno online is the option to “speed play” in which you can speed the drawing up without having to wait 10 seconds or so for each ball to come out. This way your able to play many more keno games in a shorter amount of time.

Keno Strategies

Depending on where you play keno each strategy should be based different as odds can be actually different. I like playing the “hi low” game in keno where you bet more numbers will be picked on the top, bottom, left, or right.. If it happens to split you get half your money back but overall statistically you have great odds. You can also bet on a split which pays 3-1.. Another great keno strategy I like to use is the pick 2 balls catch all. Basically you need to catch both numbers but pays 10-1 ! I wait a few games then play 5 games in a row with same numbers and if they catch just once in five games you double your money. If your unlucky and do not hit then I bet more on the next set of 5 games to still return a profit from the previous 5 games.

Keno Casino Payouts

A majority of online and land based keno payouts are close to the same although some online casinos have a bit different variety on payouts. Below is a chart with regular payouts for your lucky winning casino keno tickets.

payout table for keno

As you can see the payout percentages go way up once you start picking 5 balls or more as the odds on winning get much harder. I have hit a 5 ball keno ticket before but nothing anything higher then that. I know a pick 10 is a very popular keno game. What some players do is bet an entire line or go sideways. These have the same payout odds as if you would to randomly select 10 numbers.

Overall this is a great time to risk money or play with fun money online playing keno. With the bonuses you get when signing up statistically it just makes since to bet keno with an online casino. Good luck with your ventures and I hope you win a bunch of money!

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