Where to Play and Learn Keno

How to Play Keno

If you’ve never played a game of keno before it’s a really easy game to learn how to play. We’re going to explain the rules of the game in this article and by the time you’re done reading through this guide you’ll be able to play keno. Keno can be played in lots of places including casinos, online casinos, restaurants and pubs. Playing a game of keno is very quick and relaxing, which is why lots of people don’t mind spending a few bucks to try their luck at playing keno.

Keno is a luck based game and there isn’t any strategy to help increase your chances of winning. Keno has a huge house edge and is one of the worst bets in a casino in terms of ROI, but keno players are playing for the entertainment value. There is a chance to win a big prize, but the chances of winning a big prize while playing keno are slim and might never happen in your lifetime. If you’re going to play keno make sure it’s because of the entertainment value and not because you want to make money.

Keno Rules

When you play keno you need to select 4 – 10 numbers from 1 – 80. Each number that you select is called a “keno spot”, so if you picked 10 numbers you’d be playing a 10 keno spot game. You can mess around with how many numbers you decide to play based on how you end up doing. Playing more numbers will offer bigger rewards if you hit a bunch of numbers, but if you don’t hit a lot of numbers you’ll often not make any money. Selecting only a few numbers makes it harder to hit a number, but you don’t need to hit as many number in order to win a prize.

When you play online keno the online casinos use random number generators to ensure the game is fair. Everything is automated and the games don’t take long to play at all. Every number is drawn randomly when you play keno and that’s why you can’t use any strategies to improve your chances of winning. The same number could show up on the board every game or a certain number may never show up on the board no matter how long you seem to play keno.

Keno is very easy, as all you need to do is select your numbers. Once you select your keno numbers you simply watch the numbers that are drawn to see if they match-up to the numbers you picked. If you match enough numbers on your keno card you’ll win the corresponding prize. All prizes are predetermined, so you’ll know exactly how much you can make if you hit a certain amount of numbers during a keno game.

You can start playing online keno today at the Cherry Red Casino or Rushmore Casino. Both of these online casinos accept players that live in the USA and they both have very enticing sign-up bonuses for new keno players. Try your luck out today at keno and see if you can walk away with a jackpot.

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